Il progetto BONVISSUTO & LE NOCI 4tet nasce tra Luxembourg ed Holland, e quindi dall’incontro musicali e stilistico tra Paolo Bonvissuto ed Enrico Le Noci. I due chitarristi, entrambi italiani ed entrambi tarantini, collaborano grazie alla loro opportunità di incontro stilistico, ma anche (se si può dire così) geografico. Infatti, entrambi i chitarristi sono collocati, anche se per motivi differenti, in due paesi del nord Europa.

Lo stile preferito e suonato è tipico di un quartetto a due chitarre come Metheny & Scofield, attraverso suoni moderni e linguaggi tradizionali, ma a volte anche un po’ Fusion, sempre però con del buon vecchio Bebop, nonostante la molta attenzione per l’Avantgard.

Il repertorio è legato alle composizioni inedite dei due chitarristi, brani tratti da recenti pubblicazioni e standard moderni di autori contemporanei. Con una sezione ritmica d’eccellenza, formata da Kobe Gregoir alla batteria e Ignacio Santoro al contrabbasso, questi ultimi sono entrambi stabiliti, già da tempo, in Holland, ed occupano una scena musicale di livello internazionale attraverso collaborazioni di grande prestigio artistico.


  • ENRICO LE NOCI | guitar
  • GREGOIR KOBE | dbass


Frequenta i seminari estivi della Berklee College of Music di Umbria Jazz.
Nel 1991 studia con Joe Pass e nel 1992 con Bill Frisell e con Frank Gambale.
Ha suonato con Franco CerriTino TracannaFabrizio BossoTom KirkpatrickClaudio FasoliTony ScottAldo VigoritoGreg BurkAlan Michael RosenRobert BonisoloAntonio OnoratoRoberto OttavianoAndy GravishFabio ZeppetellaNucci GuerraAres TavolazziMassimo ManziMaurizio GiammarcoEllade Bandini e tanti altri.


Raised in a quiet family from a little town in the south of Italy, Enrico quickly found music thanks to his nerdy-attitude surfing the internet, some of his closest friends, and Pat Metheny’s shows his father brought him to.
After his friends grew up taller than him, seeing no future in basketball apparently, he picked up the guitar at the age of 13, studying the classical repertoire and rocking out Metallica and Led Zeppelin in his bedroom until he discovered two recordings by Django Reinhardt and Charlie Parker. He immediately fell in love with jazz but had to find it somewhere else, travelling towards the end of High School to Austin, TX, where he could find the blues, and a Big Band to start his experience with.
After finding out that’s what he wanted to do, he moved to Den Haag the Netherlands to study at the Royal Conservatory, and hasn’t stopped travelling ever since, back and forth from New York, Italy, Spain with friendship through music and a deep love for jazz as his motto.
He has toured and won many prizes as a leader and he’s a very active musician internationally, with a fresh and soulful sound, compositionally inspired and true to the jazz tradition.


Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Double Bass player and composer based in The Netherlands since 2013.

Bass activist. You will find him serving low notes in different projects and bandstands. As a composer, he is busy with the making of social and poetic jazz music,

In 2019 he released his first album as a bandleader Three Kinds of Loneliness (3kl) and now he is preparing his second discographic work The holy Bull (October 2022

Ignacio holds a Bachelor of Music and a Master in Jazz Performance (Double Bass) from the prestigious Royal Conservatory of The Hague, he also obtained a minor degree in Early Music studies (Violone). Ignacio studied double bass with a top team of teachers and top-level performers; Michael Formanek, John Hebert, and Joe Martin. (USA) Clemens Van der Feen, Tony Overwater, Margaret Urquhart (Royal Conservatory The Hague)

He had shared stages with artists like Chris Cheek, Jef Neve, Reiner Baas, Benjamin Herman, Rik Mol, Alba Careta Claudio de Rosa, Enrico Le Noci, Kobre Gregoir, Hue Blanes, Matthijs de Ridder Knimes Acoustic Group, Alba Gil Aceituno, etc.


Is a drummer from Bruges, Belgium. He began his musical journey at the age of 11 at the local Youth Music School in Assebroek, and later on, at the age of 15, he started learning jazz from various instructors at the Kunstacademie in Knokke-Heist.

Kobe’s passion for drumming only grew stronger, and he continued to hone his skills by studying under different instructors at the Kunsthumaniora “MUDA” in Gent, Belgium. He also spent his free time practicing and performing in smaller gigs.

Kobe eventually graduated from the renowned Royal Conservatory in The Hague in June 2020, where he was fine-tuned by acclaimed instructors such as Eric Ineke, Felix Schlarmann, and Stefan Kruger.

Today, Kobe is a well-known drummer who performs in various settings and venues, playing with artists such as Jef Neve, Bart Defoort, Rik Mol, and The Hop Sh Bam Connection, as well as with his own band, the Kobe Gregoir Group.

In summary, Kobe Gregoir is a talented drummer who has dedicated his life to music and has trained under some of the best instructors in Europe. His passion for drumming is evident in his performances, and he continues to inspire and entertain audiences with his music.